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About the owner


I have extensive experience in a number of skilled nursing facilities and home health settings serving adult and geriatric patients with neurological impairments such as stroke (CVA) and traumatic brain injury, patients with tracheostomy, and neurodegenerative diseases including dementia, Parkinson's disease, and ALS


Areas of clinical interest, passion, and expertise include treatment of dysphagia (swallowing) management, dysarthria, aphasia, and cognitive linguistic / communication impairments with adult/geriatric populations; and I always have and always will have a love for treating the little ones with speech-sound disorders (articulation, phonological, or Childhood Apraxia of Speech).

started Enrichment Therapy Services to provide specialized treatment for patients seeking quality services in their own homes and to improve functional safety, independence, communication, and overall quality of life throughout their daily living routine! Insurance companies can be tough. I've seen one too many times where services are discontinued and/or limited due to patients making only minimal gains or maybe the progress is slower to start; however, I believe that even minimal gains equals progress and that continued gains are, or can be attainable with extended participation and treatment time, especially if patients or families are motivated to continue services. So here I am. At your service!


Functional, Patient-centered, Collaborative

I think what sets me apart from other providers is my unique ability to connect with and relate to my patients and families as well as my up-beat and positive personality. It is my mission to make patients and their families feel comfortable during our sessions, listen to, validate, and counsel patients through any emotional struggles related to their communication or swallowing impairment or hardship, or increase a child's confidence when communicating and overall intelligibility. I think it is important to incorporate patient/family goals into individualized treatment plans, continue to educate patients and their families each session regarding techniques or strategies to facilitate independence and carry over, but also and most importantly -  make it fun and enjoyable for them while addressing their goals at the same time. It is ALWAYS a priority for me to put a smile on my patient's face, motivate them throughout their therapy process, and have them look forward to our next session!

I so look forward to working with you and your family!

Sarah Dudrich Wilson, M.S., CCC-SLP/ Owner

Speech therapy session
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